Paintless Dent Repair and Auto Body Services

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Paintless Denver Repair or PDR is the process of removing hail damage, dents, dings and creases without using conventional auto body methods such as repair, part replacement and/or paint. Our technicians use a series of varied size metal rods to gently massage the dent, ding or crease from the metal via the backside of the panel. This art takes skill, patience and precision in order to restore the panel to its original appearance.

At Caropractor we do not drill holes in any area of the vehicle to gain access. Don’t be deceived by companies that set up shop overnight, making offers to waive your deductible and beyond. While some of them may be reputable and qualified to perform PDR, many of these companies are jumping at the chance to “get rich quick”. Be informed and ask questions regarding their technician’s experience level, how long they have been in business and if they offer a warranty on the repairs. Whether you choose Caropractor or another company, it is our desire that your vehicle is repaired properly and the methods used to do so won’t compromise your vehicle’s exterior in any way.

What our customers say

Jeff Taylor

“My van had been driven around town with a dent in the rear for more than two years; a result of a snow storm mishap in 2008. Mark and his team saw the dent and said “we can fix that.” Boy did they ever! Mark and his team made the van look like new and my youngest daughter said, “I won’t know it’s your van anymore! The dent is gone!” I am so happy with my “new” van and thank Mark and his team for their professionalism and excellent customer care! If your vehicle has dents, Mark can fix that.”

Jaymie Jones