Our Skills on Display

2008 Toyota 4 Runner

Heavy impact to the right rear quarter panel. This vehicle sustained inner structure damage, floor, rear body panel, and frame damage. Full quarter panel replacement, frame pulls, and several inner and outer parts were replaced. A repeat customer, the owner of this vehicle was ecstatic with the finished product.

1971 Chevrolet Chevelle

This beauty experienced some moderate collision damage to the entire left side. Sourcing aftermarket parts on classics can be a bit of a challenge at times but all came together smoothly for this repair. Laying out custom painted stripes is not for the inexperienced refinish technician. The end result shown here is perfection. It is always a pleasure serving the gentleman who owns this and a few other vintage vehicles.

2016 Tesla Model S 85

We have nearly five years of expertise handling the intricate and impressive machines produced by Tesla. This Model S had severe and extensive hail damage. Repairs required replacement of major parts and components topped off with a near full refinish of the vehicle. Experienced hands are a must when working on these amazing vehicles.

Caropractor PDR-Inspiring, Beyond Compare, Exceptionally Versatile

An impressive selection of our PDR talent for your viewing pleasure! A handful of dents on a few lovely Ferraris, a couple of beautiful Bentleys, and last but not least, a tantalizing Tesla. Check out some of the challenging oversized dents and creases that our technicians were able to remove on a few domestic and foreign models. Recreational vehicles and household appliances are not immune to dents and dings. We’ve got those covered as well!

Fire Department 2016 Ford F-150

This beautiful Ford came into our facility brand new! Obviously no body or cosmetic issues to address here. The fire department was customizing the vehicle to accurately reflect their brand. The finished product was clean and expressed a bold statement. Nothing but the best for our men and women bravely serving in first response.

2011 Lotus Evora

This lovely machine had minor left door damage. A flawless repair and refinish restored the Evora to perfection. The owner, an existing customer, discussed a few different ideas he was mulling over on modifications. After reviewing a couple scenarios he made his decision. The finished product boasted freshly painted wheels and a wrap on the roof, deck lid and spoiler to match.


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